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~ Introduction ~

I met Wayne Williams of Speaking of Horses at the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo. Wayne has his own radio show and has been the announcer for the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo in Albany, Oregon several times over the years. Wayne is partnering with The Northwest Horse Source to bring you interesting horse news and information throughout our country. Be watching over the next few weeks as he brings you some interesting clips about the horses in our lives.



Video 3 (Nov 2018) – Added 11/14/18

A look at day one action from the World Clydesdale Show 2018 in Madison, WI




Video 2 (Feb 2016) – Added 9/21/18

Interview with Trails Specialist Robert Eversole. He lives in the State of Washington and rides trails world wide. He is know as the “TrailMeister” and does clinics and presentations across the USA and Canada on trail safety and usage.






Video 1 (May 2018) – Added 8/31/18

The Young Living Oils Percheron Hitch appearing in the 2018 Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade….behind the scenes preparation and the Parade itself!