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Thoughts on “Firsts”

Thoughts on “Firsts”
Catherine Madera

Stretch Your Comfort Zone to Build Confidence

by Catherine Madera


It’s well into spring as I write this and the ground is erupting with firsts: first dandelions, first green grass on bare pasture, first baby birds. There’s a lot of excitement, expectation and maybe even fear surrounding a first time—for anything in life.

Stretch Your Comfort Zone to Build Confidence by Catherine Madera

Mateo’s first trail ride. Photo courtesy of NWHS

Within my small horse herd, it’s a season of firsts: Mateo’s first trail ride and showing my stallion Eli for the first time. Mateo has already completed his ride and when this magazine appears on stands Eli and I will be on our way home from our first show. I wonder how he and I will feel? I wonder how we will do? It’s exciting, and a bit scary, to think about.

Life is full of opportunities to cast fear of failure aside and try something for the first time. I must admit I had a few butterflies on the drive to the trail head with Mateo last week. I felt good about our relationship, and where he was in his training, but one never knows exactly what to expect that first time out of the safety of an arena. It was a slightly windy and overcast day and I almost canceled the ride…what if he spooked and bucked me off? I’m happy to say Mateo was unusually good for a young horse. Moving through a bit of insecurity—on both our parts—only increased our bond and confidence. That’s what stretching the comfort zone does for humans and horses. Like exercising your body it builds strength—mental and emotional strength.  One has to get over the hump of that insecure “first” to move on to better things.

I hope you all are getting out and enjoying some firsts with your horses so you can move on to greater and greater success in your journey together. Enjoy the magazine this month. Check out The Grange Supply in Issaquah for all those necessary farm supplies you need along the way. Email me at editor@nwhorsesource.com.

Ride on!


Published June 2014 Issue

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Editor's Postcard
Catherine Madera

Catherine Madera attended Walla Walla University in Eastern Washington where she majored in communications/journalism. After winning a national competition for Guideposts Magazine in 2004, Catherine concentrated on non-fiction inspirational stories. Since then, she has published numerous personal and ghosted stories for Guideposts and their affiliate publications. Catherine has published in many regional and national magazines/newspapers and her work is included in several anthologies. She specializes in equine-related topics and profiles and serves as editor of The Northwest Horse Source. In 2010 Catherine’s non-fiction story, A Hero’s Work, received the Merial Human-Animal Bond award given by American Horse Publications. She has also authored three works of fiction and provides editing/writing assistance through Word Horse Writing Services.

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