The Lynden Horse Expo

And Draft Horse Spectacular


Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race; Jackpot Barrel Race; Saturday Night Draft Horse Spectacular; Warm Beach Vaulters; High jump exhibition, Equine Emporium—over 100 vendors! 

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Don’t miss these fun activities and learning opportunities: Kid’s Corral; Lang Pony Rides on site, draft horse driving clinic; David Bodin—“The Horse Trailer Guru”; Becky Tenges, Equine Massage, breed exhibition, F.E.I.T. (Federal Equine Inspection Tours).

Book Corral featuring Northwest authors; The Turn Out beer garden hosted by Tony’s Tavern of Custer—open Friday and Saturday from 11-9!

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Cowboy Church on Sunday at 8:00, everyone welcome!

Meet the high caliber clinicians available this year to further your horsemanship journey.

Craig Cameron: A Native Texan, Craig Cameron is on the road more than 44 weeks a year covering 80,000 miles demonstrating the style of horsemanship he has perfected in the last 23 years and conducting Extreme Cowboy Races. Called the “public defender of the horse,” Craig dedicates himself to those who educate their horses by first educating themselves. At an age where most have long since retired the thought of starting colts, Craig Cameron starts hundreds of horses each year; plus holds his four-day clinics held at his ranches in Bluff Dale, TX and Lincoln, NM blending education with entertainment.

Richard Shrake: Richard Shrake is an educator, not an entertainer. By attending either his week-end clinics, his intense 4-day riding programs, or as a spectator at horse expos and fairs, you will gain skills and confidence that you have never had in the past. His knowledge is available to all of those who insist upon a life-long, positive relationship with their horses. He teaches his Resistance Free® Riding & Training Methods, which are acknowledged by their success nationwide and has been an icon in the horse industry for over 45 years.

Raye Lochert: No games, just practical horsemanship. Raye Lochert travels all over the US and is considered one of the most accessible teachers, using an approachable style that sets him apart and allows for greater communication between horse and rider. In an industry that’s exploding with information, trainers, and a public with an insatiable appetite for more knowledge, Raye’s goal is to break down problems into simple solutions. He believes that everything he teaches must be “doable” by anybody. 

Barb Apple: Barb Apple is the “Cowboy without Hat & Chaps”. Barb spent her formative years with renown mentors Pat & Linda Parelli, Tom Dorrance, Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Jack Brainard and others. Barb is now focusing her no nonsense teaching approach to further the rider’s understanding of cowboy dressage, centered riding, natural HMS, and trail riding. Her underlying intention is to build a rider’s confidence and their relationship with the horse. Her motto is, ” soft feel with people & horses. “

Brent Rollins: Craig Cameron’s apprentice for two years. He competed in the first 2010 Project Cowboy in Fort Worth, Texas. Brent has competed in many extreme cowboy races and mustang makeovers. His goal is not only to promote the mustang and their versatility, but also to educate potential adopters on what to expect with their new mustang. Brent believes that every horse deserves a chance to be great, you just have to be willing to put in the effort. 

Linda Kindle: Linda was born in the central part of Holland, where she grew up with horses on the family owned and operated riding school. She started to ride at the age of six on New Forest Ponies. At the riding school she was formally trained in dressage, jumping and driving. The riding school gave her the privilege of learning under some of Europe’s top ranking instructors and horse trainers.

Keith Danielson: Keith’s clinics are always informative and enjoyable, designed to instill confidence in both horse and rider while always keeping safety in mind. The goal is to better your horse handling skills by gaining a lighter, more responsive mount and obtaining the seemingly effortless ability to put your horse’s feet where you want, when you want. The results of a Keith Danielson style handle? “Plumb good horses.”


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