The Little Things

The Intricate Dance of Health and Wellness

Many times I am amazed at the big changes small adjustments can make. These “little things” may relate to work, relationships or health and wellness. I was reminded of this truth recently after having my colt, Diamonte, treated with acupressure.

Monte headDiamonte is a half Arabian, sired by my stallion Eli. He is pretty, sweet, quiet and willing. I’ve been steadily working with him since last fall to get him solid under saddle so I can sell him to a great home. While the colt had plenty of “try,” several nagging quirks showed up in training. These included cinchiness, over sensitivity to my leg with a reluctance to go forward and real difficulty backing up. Monte often went forward in a sort of camel gait, head in the air. It was easy to feel frustrated at our lack of progress. While he never acted out in a big way (rearing/bucking/bolting), I had the nagging sense the horse had more than a little discomfort.

I finally had Monte treated by Mariann Carrasco, a licensed acupressure practitioner (see this month’s New and Noteworthy) who pinpointed gut health issues in this horse. At the time, the work she did seemed too subtle to do anything, but the results speak for themselves. Now Monte accepts the saddle without irritation, goes forward easily and backs up with the slightest rein pressure. While this branch of Chinese Medicine may not help every horse as dramatically, it is well worth looking into.

This month is our annual issue devoted to tack and I strongly recommend you consider the effect it has on your horse—definitely no small thing. Sometimes a different saddle, bit or way of shoeing makes all the difference in your ride. Also, enjoy our feature on Raven Rock Ranch, a place making big changes in the lives of children.


Ride on!


Published in June 2015 Issue


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