The Importance of Flax in Your Horse’s Diet

ND Flax Milling provides premium Cold-Milled Flax to Horse Owners


US Manufacturer Shares Value of Cold-Milled Flax

ND Flax Milling, a fourth-generation family-run business in North Dakota, focuses on the nutritional benefits of feeding cold-milled flax to your horse. ND Flax Milling takes pride in being the most affordable and reliable cold-milled manufacturer in the omega-3 industry.

Mike Gianini Cutting Horses uses ND Flax Milling. Photo by Midge Ames Photo

Why cold-milled flax? This form of fresh flax offers the best nutrient absorbing digestion. The process prevents oxidation and negative breakdown. Cold milled means the flax seed is never exposed to any heat. Whole flax seed enters the mill at room temperature while it is milled and comes out of the process packaged and stored at room temperature away from any heat or light. This keeps all the nutrients intact and provides an easy-to-feed product for your horse.

Benefits of this all-natural product are:

  • Milled fresh per order
  • Aids digestion and colic relief
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Improves skin, eyes and coat
  • Strengthens hooves, joints and cartilage
  • 2-year shelf life guarantee
  • 10, 25, and 50-pound bags available or bulk
  • High potency omega-3


ND Flax Milling produces the flax on their own farm maintaining optimal conditions from planting to arriving at your barn. They are passionate about the production of flax from seed to harvest. ND Flax Milling is committed to growing the highest-quality crops available. Their team is devoted to exceeding expectations and forming long-lasting relationships with all their clients.

ND Flax Milling Omega-3 Cold-Milled Flax Seed is manufactured in a clean facility, certified by the MICO, Non-GMO verified, and FDA approved.

To find a dealer near you or order directly from ND Flax Milling contact them at (701) 398-5190 or email More information at


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