The Gift of Giving

On the Receiving End of Kindness

by Karen Pickering


April and I enjoying Bolender Horse Park. Photo Courtesy Hal Cook

As Mark and I approach the one year anniversary of his stroke, I’m reflecting on the generous nature of the community we serve. From the “Go Fund Me” account, to auctions held by friends and neighbors, to work days at our small farm, we are truly blessed by all of you. Still, it’s been very difficult for me to accept help or gifts. I always worry that there is someone out there who needs the support more than I do. However, I’ve had to remember that it blesses the person offering the gift so simple, grateful acceptance is key. I deeply appreciate my friends, family and all who have helped us maneuver through this dark time.

As we bring you this issue, I know we are coming into a busy time of the year. Between the holidays and year- end stuff, I hope you have a chance to stop and simply enjoy the presence of others, including our equine friends. It is the essence of the season. One way to simplify this often stressful time is to give gift certificates.

Check out our Holiday Gift Guide this year for ideas to simplify giving. It goes live on November 15th and we’ll notify you by email, Facebook and on our website. We will have coupons, gift certificates and other great holiday gift ideas. Visit a little more and spend a little less. Another idea is to give the gift of labor. The work parties that have helped us around the house in the last months have been a godsend.

Fun places to shop for gift certificates include Bolender Horse Park. Our cover story this month focuses on Mark Bolender and his trail program. We appreciate his commitment as a columnist and client and recommend his program and his beautiful course in Silver Creek, WA. Read more on page 6. Have an amazing holiday season and remember to ride!

Quote: “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” Luciano de Crescenzo


Published in November 2015 Issue

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