The Essential Fergus the Horse

The Life and Times of the World’s Most Popular Cartoon Equine


Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the release of The Essential Fergus the Horse, by Jean Abernethy.

In the late 1990s, a little bay horse with four white socks and a blaze was born. Dubbed “Fergus,” he has now traveled the world many times over by print, web, and satellite, inspired a line of merchandise featuring his visage, and gained a fervently devoted following numbering in the hundreds of thousands on Facebook and through other social media outlets. Who is this horse and how can we explain his magnetism? What breed does he represent and at what sport does he excel? What makes him so special?

Fergus the Horse (Equus hilarious) is the creation of artist Jean Abernethy, and the truth is, he’s not meant to represent any particular breed, nor does he pursue one specific equestrian discipline. Perhaps it’s this quality of “every man or woman’s horse” that has led to his immense popularity. “When fans write, ‘Fergus reminds me of my horse,’ I cannot be paid a higher compliment,” says Abernethy. But while his familiarity may woo us, it is his expressiveness, honesty, charm, and of course that keen sense of humor that wins our hearts in the end.

Now, in recognition of Fergus’s growing fan club, Abernethy has brought together the backstory of Fergus the Horse—how he came to be, his early years, the history of his “friends” and supporting characters—and combined it with his “greatest hits,” including most-loved strips and cartoon moments, some rarely-seen sketches, and brand new comics created exclusively for this book. The result is a lively, colorful, highly illustrated treasury that will entertain anyone with an eye for a horse and a need for a laugh.

JEAN ABERNETHY has been producing equestrian-related drawings, horse portraits, and horse cartoons for more than 30 years. She has illustrated several books and instructional articles and created technical how-to drawings and diagrams for instructional purposes. She has also done children’s and fantasy illustration. Her work has taken her coast-to-coast to farms and equestrian events, where she’s been involved with a wide variety of horse breeds, sports, and disciplines.

136 pp • 8 ¼ x 10 ¼ • 186 color and 25 b&w illustrations • 978 1 57076 743 2 • $19.95 pb

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