The Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot

Your Multi-Purpose Hoof Boot!



Are you looking for a Hoof Boot that can do it ALL?

The Cavallo Trek is a dynamic Hoof Boot, designed to stand up to any challenge!  It’s a top-of-the-line trail riding boot that DOUBLES as a therapy boot that can be worn 24/7 – making it the most useful hoof boot money can buy!

The features that make Trek the perfect Trail / Therapy Boot Hybrid:

• Thick, durable soles absorb shock, provide comfort and protect the hoofCavallo Hoof Boots

• TPU Pro-Mesh cover resists rock abrasion and is tear-proof

• The high-tech materials of the Trek upper will not to absorb excess water, making it ideal for streams and wet conditions

• Even when wet, it remains highly breathable and airs/dries quickly

• Soft, foam-filled collar and slightly flexible upper provides snug, comfortable fit

• Drainage slots on the sole sides allow water and sand to flow right out

• Honeycomb mesh keeps upper soft, flexible and lightweight

• Excellent traction while still allowing natural movement

• Trek is Sold with an extra replaceable outer Velcro straps (more can be purchased)

• Insole pads are available for extra comfort

The Cavallo Hoof Boot


The Cavallo Hoof Boot

“Ariel loves her new Trek Hoof Boots. They have put a spring back in her step! She flew over the jumps and marched down the road, I can’t believe the difference in her!”

– Carol Wild, UK


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The Cavallo Hoof Boot


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