How to Size Compost Bins

January 2018

Know How Much Manure Your Horses Produces by Alayne Blickle   Making the chore of manure management efficient is a huge undertaking on a horse property. At our place, Sweet Pepper Ranch in southwestern Idaho, we have around a dozen horses. Some are our horses, some are Matt’s client horses, …

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Recycling Down on the Farm

December 2017

5 Ways to Save Money (and the Environment) by Alayne Blickle, Horses for Clean Water   Looking for ways to trim your horse budget? Recycling and repurposing helps the environment and saves money. It reduces your trash bill, offers you free or low-cost horsey items, and improves your pasture (as …

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Wildfire Evacuation Planning for Horse Owners

Preparing an Emergency Evacuation Plan by Alayne Blickle, Horses for Clean Water   Most of the Western United States is what’s called a “fire adaptive ecosystem.” That means the question is not if a major fire is going to happen to the landscape, it’s when. The majority of horse owners …

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Paddock Footing

November 2017

Make the Right Choice! by Alayne Blickle, Horses for Clean Water   Footing material is useful for winter paddocks and confinement areas or for high traffic areas such as gates or watering points. The purpose of footing material is to build up an area to keep your horse or animal …

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Pass the Compost Squeeze Test!

October 2017

Compost Should be as Wet as a Wrung-out Sponge by Alayne Blickle, Horses for Clean Water   Previous articles of mine have covered different aspects of composting so now it’s time to step up to the compost pile and see if your compost passes the squeeze test. Moisture is an …

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How to Compost Horse Manure

September 2017

6 Steps to a Useful Product by Alayne Blickle   In the past we have covered why composting manure is important and useful on horse properties. I have even discussed how to build a manure composting bin system. Here are the specifics on how to manage the compost process. Make …

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Go Native with Hedgerows

August 2017

Plant Buffers on Horse Properties by Alayne Blickle   Many horse owners don’t realize how helpful native trees and shrubs can be on a horse property. People, wildlife (including our valuable native pollinating insects), horses, and the environment can all benefit from a landscape of native plants. Native plants are …

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Creating a Horse Urinal

July 2017

Control the Smell with this Easy Solution by Alayne Blickle, Horses for Clean Water   The “black spot of ick” is how Jay Mirro refers to the paddock area where some horses repeatedly urinate so that it becomes nasty and smelly. Mirro is a senior farm planner for King Conservation …

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How to Create a Confinement Area

Choose the safest fencing you can for your sacrifice area.

Sacrifice Areas Essential for Pasture Health by Alayne Blickle   Probably the most important aspect of managing pasture is the time when you take your horses off your pasture. Grasses should not be grazed below 3-4 inches, and horses should not be on pasture when soil is saturated. You can …

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Wildlife Enhancement Tips for Horse Properties

April 2017

Giving Back to Nature Benefits Everyone by Alayne Blickle, Horses for Clean Water   It’s spring and one of the treasures we horse owners enjoy is communing with nature. On a relaxing trail ride we might spot a fleeting fox or hear the melodic song of the varied thrush. And then …

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