Covering Compost and Manure Storage

Proper Moisture Level is Essential for Healthy Compost By Alayne Blickle, Horses for Clean Water   Composting horse manure is a wonderful option for manure management. The advantages are many and have been discussed in previous articles of mine, including how to build a composting bin system. One of the …

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Be Firewise

Develop an Evacuation Plan for Your Horse Property By Alayne Blickle   Wildfire can quickly become a threat to rural landowners. Since most horse owners live in the interface between urban and rural areas, action needs to be taken quickly to save the lives of your animals and reduce property …

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Bedding Selection Criteria

Nine Points for Choosing the Best Bed for Your Horse By Alayne Blickle   The primary reason for using bedding should be to absorb urine and moisture. Unless a horse is confined strictly to a stall, using less bedding will save chore time and money. Plus, it means less material …

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Traveling with Horses?

February 2018

Alayne’s Top Tips  for Staying at a Horse Motel by Alayne Blickle, Horses for Clean Water   Horse motels are places where you board your horse overnight while traveling. Some horse motels, like our Sweet Pepper Ranch in southwestern Idaho, also offer B&B options for humans, making it a comfortable, …

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How to Size Compost Bins

January 2018

Know How Much Manure Your Horses Produces by Alayne Blickle   Making the chore of manure management efficient is a huge undertaking on a horse property. At our place, Sweet Pepper Ranch in southwestern Idaho, we have around a dozen horses. Some are our horses, some are Matt’s client horses, …

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