What Can You Do About Topline Loss? – Proper Nutrition Can Bring Improvement

A horse with a weak topline may need additional protein.

A smooth, strong topline is a definitive sign of health. Your horse’s back musculature not only looks good but is important for his ability to support his spine and joints. If the topline is diminished, it’s important to assess the cause. Some possible reasons include: Multiple pregnancies Poor saddle fit …

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Equine Cushing’s Disease – Common Senior Horse Disease Can Cause Numerous Health Problems

Diagnosis for equine Cushing’s is made based upon on clinical symptoms and bloodwork.

Long summer days turn into crisp fall days and before we know it, winter has arrived. When we think of old man winter in horse form, we think of an old horse who has a long, shaggy hair coat and a swayed back, fat deposits in odd places, and is …

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Is Your Horse Stressed Out? – Study Reveals Eye Blink Rate and Eyelid Twitches Can Indicate Stress in Horses

Photo by Kim Roe

Researchers[i] from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, were looking for a non-invasive means to measure stress in horses. Horses can experience stress from a variety of sources including forage restriction, loss of a buddy, isolation, travel, unfamiliar environments, as well as excessive training. While there are physiological and endocrine changes …

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Feeding the Performance Horse – There’s More than One Way to Provide Working Horses with Energy

What makes a horse a performance horse? The performance activities of horses vary in both duration and intensity. Therefore, what we feed them also needs to vary. In this article, we’ll discuss feeding performance horses by addressing water and energy needs. Each and every performance horse requires water, energy (calories), …

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No Lawn Clippings! – There are Many Risks Involved with Feeding Grass Clippings

Keep equines from accessing clippings in this type of situation. Photo by Dr. Cassie Torhorst.

Now that lawn mowing season is in full swing, I get a shocking number of questions about whether it’s safe to feed horses your lawn clippings. The answer is absolutely not! Many of us got this pounded into our heads at a young age in 4H or Pony Club, but …

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Helping Horses In Harm’s Way

Sharon Classen using a multi-radiance laser shower on an Omaha Mounted Police horse.

The Omaha Police Mounted Patrol Unit was founded in 1990. In 2005, ConAgra Foods built a state-of-art equine facility for the horses. With many fans in the community, the unit’s 12 to 14 horses regularly receive donations of tack, trailers, and even new stablemates. But what they’ve sorely needed lately …

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