Outbreak Alert: July 25 & 26, 2021 – Equine Herpesvirus- CA and West Nile Virus, WA

July 25, 2021 Equine Herpesvirus- Neurologic Sonoma County, CA Number Confirmed: 5; Number Suspected: 4; Number Exposed: 19 Facility Type: Showgrounds; Horse #1: Age: 6; Gender: Mare; Breed: Warmblood (WB); Onset of Clinical Signs: 7/23/2021; Clinical Signs: Hind-end Weakness, Limb edema, Nystagmus, Recumbency; Confirmation Date: 7/24/2021; Horse Status: Euthanized; Vaccination Status: Vaccinated; Horse #2: Age: 15; Gender: Gelding; Breed: Warmblood (WB); Onset of Clinical Signs: 7/22/2021; Clinical Signs: Ataxia, Cranial Nerve Deficit, Fever, Neurologic Signs, Urine …

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Outbreak Alert: July 23, 2021 – Equine Herpesvirus- Neurologic, Owyhee County, ID

Source: Idaho State Department of Agriculture Number Confirmed: 1; Number Exposed: 40; Facility Type: Farm; Gender: Mare; Onset of Clinical Signs: 7/20/2021; Clinical Signs: Recumbent, Unable to Stand;  Horse Status: Recovering; Vaccination Status: Not Reported; Notes: The mare are was recumbent and unable to stand on 7/20/21. On 7/23, horse had recovered to the point of being able to stand and walk. No …

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