Travis Logan of Clear Cut Horsemanship – Creston, Washington Trainer Keeps it Simple while Giving Horses and Riders a Solid Foundation

“I believe in keeping things simple and clear for both horse and rider.” - Travis Logan. All photos by Clear Cut Horsemanship

There is one sure way to be successful in business: provide people with something they need that’s in short supply. In the horse business, that “something” is capable colt starters. Throughout the Pacific Northwest (and beyond) owners of young horses are discovering how difficult it is to find a trainer …

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Fencing Considerations for Horse Properties – Focus on Safety, Appearance, Chore Efficiency, and Budget when Planning Fencing Projects

Photos from Alayne Blickle.

Horse owners agree that a well-fenced property is a beautiful sight and the cornerstone to proper management. When building or modifying a horse property, a primary consideration is what type of fencing to choose, and many great options are available. Here are a few guidelines to help you make a …

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Buying Horses and Houses – Similarities Abound in the Purchasing Process

Allison and Blake with Blake's horse "Huckleberry" at their first show in Las Vegas, NV. Photo from Allison Trimble

It’s been a long time since I was focused on buying horses. Right now, I’m anxiously awaiting the vet check on a colt Blake (my real estate partner) and I are hoping to buy for next year’s NRHA futurity. At the same time, I am packing to fly to Fort …

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