September/October Cover Story: Meet Remington – Mustang Ambassador

September/October 2022 Remington
Story and Photos provided by the Mustang Heritage Foundation

‘Remi’ Caught the Eye of One Trainer and the Hearts of His Fans Born on the range in 2015, Remington (Remi) hails from the well-known Salt Wells Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) in southern Wyoming. His sire, Cheveyo, was a highly photographed black, curly stallion who passed away on the …

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Travis Logan of Clear Cut Horsemanship – Creston, Washington Trainer Keeps it Simple while Giving Horses and Riders a Solid Foundation

“I believe in keeping things simple and clear for both horse and rider.” - Travis Logan. All photos by Clear Cut Horsemanship

There is one sure way to be successful in business: provide people with something they need that’s in short supply. In the horse business, that “something” is capable colt starters. Throughout the Pacific Northwest (and beyond) owners of young horses are discovering how difficult it is to find a trainer …

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Equina USA – Carefully Formulated and Effective German Supplements Available in the United States

Equina Vet is an equine nutritional company that was founded over 35 years ago in Germany by the brilliant scientist and horseman, Klaus Beckmann. Equina produces a complete line of supplements that adhere to the meticulous standards of the maker. The protocols for sourcing and production are unsurpassed. Klaus was …

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The Wild Beauty Foundation – Filmmakers Use Passion to Protect Wild Horses

Ghost with Black Beauty star and WBF Ambassador Mackenzie Foy (left) and filmmaker and WBF Founder and President Ashley Avis (right).

Article by Wild Beauty Foundation Staff  In 2018, Los Angeles based writer and director Ashley Avis was tasked with creating the modern-day reimagining of Black Beauty for the silver screen. The film, which would later be acquired by Disney, would change the course of her life forever. An equestrian since …

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It’s All Happening at the Grant County Fairgrounds! Caring and Motivated Management and Staff Continue to Upgrade Equine Facilities

Photos courtesy of Grant County Fairgrounds

Horse people are passionate about their horses and enjoy gathering together for competitions and exhibitions. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable, centrally located, horse and people-friendly venues that are well-maintained. Add in the capacity to support large numbers of horses, riders, and spectators and it’s nearly impossible. Luckily, …

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Hope for Heroes – Equine Therapy Consulting and Horsemanship Center – Uplifting Veterans with Help from Horses

Photos by Western Spirit Photography

There’s a lot of talk about how to help veterans and active military personnel suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, brain injury, chronic pain and other mental and physical problems. Still, approximately 20 U.S. veterans commit suicide every day in this country. We obviously need to do more than talk. …

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