How is this Horse’s Conformation?

Q: How is this horse’s conformation? Breed: Mustang Age: 8 YO Want to use for trail riding Looking for feedback on the horse. Please feel free to give us your input. We’d love to know your thoughts -Michele     A: Hi Michele, This is a nice looking mustang, stocky …

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Brent Rollins: Extreme Cowboy Racing 101 – Part 4

Part 4: Reasons to Love the Unique Challenge of Cowboy Racing by Brent Rollins   If you have been following my articles so far, I have focused on introducing you to important elements of The Extreme Cowboy Race. This includes experiences from my very first race through all the ones …

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September 2014 Cover Story: Northwest Washington Fair Hosts Super Horse Showdown

September 2014

Jackpot Speed Event Combines Cowboy Racing, Barrels and Ranch Sorting by Catherine Madera   In recent years Hollywood has produced several popular films highlighting a superhero of some kind including Iron Man, Spiderman and Superman. Possessing great heart and extraordinary skills, the hero thrills audiences as they confront and overcome …

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