Evidence Is Everything in Sport Horse Evaluation, Performance and Longevity

Free webinar with equine biomechanics and sport science expert Tim Worden, PhD, and FEI jumper, Sean Jobin, sharing their evidence-based approach to maximizing horses’ well-being and performance. There will be time for your questions! Presented by Haygain and Ontario Equestrian. Register and join the discussion:  Webinar Link

Ask the Expert: Groundwork Tips for Unridable Pony

Q: A little background info before my question. I have recently started looking after a small welsh mix pony a few days a week. He is really sweet and I love him to pieces but would love to be able to do more with him. He is about 10hh (so …

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Ask the Expert: Horse Has Too Much Go on the Trail

Q: I have a mare that has a lot more go than anything else. After riding for 30 or so minutes, she calms down some, but is still a fast walker. When going through trails, she doesn’t slow down to take the time to take the best path. I don’t …

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