Submission Guidelines

Do you have news or an event to share? A product or book you would like reviewed? An article to submit? Thanks for sharing with The Northwest Horse Source. Please read below on what’s possible and where to send it.

Submit a Press Release or News Item

Send all press releases to [email protected].

Use plain text in the body of the email or attached as a .doc or .rtf file. We are unable to post PDFs. If you would like your news item or product information to be considered for our New & Noteworthy column in the magazine, please attach a high resolution .jpg image to your press release. Because this is an image rich website, we require at least 1 quality image/photo to be posted with your press release, but we can include up to 6 images. Your press release should be 350 words or more.

If you know of a regional news item you’d like us to cover but don’t have a press release of your own, please let us know about it via email: [email protected].

5 Quick Tips for Press Releases:

  1. Start with a headline that is attention-grabbing and informative. “Our Farm News” won’t draw nearly as much attention as “Make Your Trail Horse Happy with Our Saddle Fitting Clinic.”
  2. Make sure to include your location, especially if you are in the Pacific Northwest. Our readers come to us for both local and global news, but have a special interest in our region. Clearly stating your news item’s relation to the Northwest allows us to categorize it appropriately and help local readers find your news.
  3. Think about your news from an outsider’s perspective—what’s the most fascinating part of what you’re trying to share? Put that first and then follow up with details.
  4. Proofread your release—better yet, have someone else do it for you! We do not edit news items before posting, so in order to present a professional appearance for your group or company, we highly recommend you have someone take a look at it to check for clarity, grammar, and spelling before you send your news our way.
  5. Don’t forget to include a web address or other contact information so readers can find out more!

Need more tips on writing press releases? See detailed article here, covering content, format, and common mistakes.

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Submit a Product or Book to be Reviewed

If you have an equine product you would like us to consider for review in our New & Noteworthy column (example) or a book you would like us to consider for the NWHS Media Barn (example), please send the product sample or book, along with a press release, to:

The Northwest Horse Source, LLC
Attn: Editor
PO Box 717
Blaine, WA 98231-0717

Due to the number of products and books we receive, we are not able to guarantee reviews of all items received. All New & Noteworthy items and NWHS Media Barn reviews also appear on our website HERE and HERE.

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Submit an Event to our Events Calendar

From any page on our website, click Events on the top menu, then click the blue “Add your event button” or check out our calendar help here for more information.

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Submit an Article to The Northwest Horse Source Magazine

We are now accepting feature article submissions.  For information please email [email protected]

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General Guidelines

What We Want to See

NWHS content educates the reader through stories that deliver well-researched information with a personal touch. We prefer articles that offer resources to readers who would like to broaden their interest in a topic beyond the scope of the article; such resources might include websites, books, or contact information for organizations related to the article (nonprofits preferred). First person and second person voicing with an informal tone are fine.


Each month, the magazine has an editorial theme. All features must fit the theme of the month for which they are slated. To find out which feature positions are still available, please contact the [email protected]

Target Your Advertising Based On Our Monthly Themes:


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 Types of Articles:


We have two classes of feature open to freelance writers: short features run about 650 words and full features run about 1000 words. The short feature should be accompanied by 2-3 high-resolution jpg photos; the full feature should have 4-6 photos. Articles with photos provided will be given preference. Minimum photo resolution is 4×6″ at 300dpi. See payment details below for feature payment.


If you are interested in doing a series for one of our rotating regular columns (Trainer’s Corner, Equine Wellness), please email [email protected] with your bio as it relates to the proposed articles and a writing sample. See payment details below for column payment.


Filler texts, such as horsekeeping tips or horse-related anecdotes, are always welcome. These should be under 120 words, and generally go in our reader email newsletter (E-News); they may be used on a space-available basis for the magazine. No payment is allotted for filler text.

Online Exclusives

Online exclusives are articles that are only available in our digital edition. Length is flexible and photos may be screen resolution instead of print resolution. No payment is made for online exclusives, but author bio will include a live link to his or her website.

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 Submitting your Article


Times New Roman font, single spaced within paragraphs and double-spaced between paragraphs (no indentation), is preferred for article submissions. Manual spacing is preferred to automated spacing. All attached documents should be in .doc format. Text in the body of the email is also acceptable. Photos should be attached in the same email as the article and all photo credits need to be stated below the author’s byline at the top of the article.

Submission Process

Query first by email to [email protected]. Links to previous publications or one or two writing samples are appreciated. Include an overview of the proposed article and a bio that states your qualifications to write the article.


As a magazine that is available for free to the public, we are unable to offer monetary payment for online exclusives and fillers. Full feature articles receive a bio and photo with writer’s contact information.

For Further Information

Please feel free to contact us by email to: [email protected] . To find out more about the magazine, please browse through past issues in our digital edition library.

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 Submit an Ad to The Northwest Horse Source Magazine

For print magazine advertising, please call us at: 360-332-5579 or email Karen Pickering at [email protected], and view our Advertise page for more info and to download a Media Kit.

Thank you for your interest in the Northwest Horse Source!

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