Stable Relation – Book Review: Memoir by Anna Blake

Anna Blake’s memoir, Stable Relation, is best described in her own words:

Stable Relation
Image Courtesy Anna Blake

“My urban world came apart, so I took a leap of faith and crash-landed on a dilapidated would-be horse farm on the flat, windy, treeless prairie of Colorado. It was a place where white horses turn pink at sunrise and I didn’t have to worry about locking the back entry to the house, because the door was missing. The biggest social event of any week was greeting the trash man on Tuesday.

“My dogs and horses were soon joined by some line-dancing llamas and a biker-gang of goat kids, defying gravity and every other rule. I rescued an abused donkey who told me he was Ernest, and Windy, an unwanted chestnut mare who became our beloved herd matriarch. Even Fred the duck lived by a code.

“It’s the memoir of my bittersweet transition from a midlife orphan to a modern pioneer woman building an entirely different kind of family farm.”

Stable Relation is available on Amazon for $14.95 (print) or $4.99 (Kindle). Visit Blake’s blog (www.annablakeblog.com) about life on the farm and horse training.

NWHS Editor’s Review: Anna Blakes’ Stable Relation is a beautifully written memoir about trading in the city life for a small farm where she can keep her horses at home. The writing had me laughing and crying, sometimes in the same paragraph. It is easy to relate to her struggles with hired help, barn and arena building, and the beauty, struggle, and satisfaction of having your own place. The writing and stories captivated me from the first paragraph.


Published August 2016 Issue

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