Secrets of Drawing Horses — Special Edition DVD/CD

Learn to Draw Horses with Inspirational NW Artist

by Kim McElroy


Secrets of Drawing HorsesDesigned for all skill levels, the Secrets of Drawing Horses DVD incorporates Kim McElroy’s unique teaching style in order to allow you to get in touch with your innate artistic talent. More than a “how to” class, the DVD offers you insights on becoming in tune with horses; learn to draw from feelings rather than merely from seeing. The special edition CD features an inspirational story and meditation techniques taught by Kim McElroy on how to connect with horses through imagination and insight. This package is available for $39.95 at spiritofhorse.com.

Publisher’s Review: When I was much younger my mom recognized a talent within me and she sent me to art school. I loved to draw and paint and would spend hours reading horse books and then drawing all the fun things I did with my imaginary horse. A talent or desire should be explored and though I don’t have the time I once had to draw, it was a gift to make time and use Kim McElroy’s unique techniques to connect with something I’ve always enjoyed. I highly recommend this helpful guide, now available in a package deal that includes a CD.


Published in January 2016 Issue

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