Saying Yes to Adventure

Plan New Things to Do with Horses in 2014

by Catherine Madera


Recently, I was asked to go on a trail ride while at a writer’s workshop in Arizona. I almost said No. Not because I don’t like to ride, but because I don’t care to ride the type of horses fit for tourists. The plod-along-in-a-line, go at the speed of molasses, sort of horse. I have *real* horses at home. Plus, what could be that interesting about a trail ride through the desert?

Marilyn and I on a desert trail ride in Tucson, AZ. Photo credit Catherine Madera

My new friend—Marilyn—and I showed up to meet the wrangler and our mounts early that Sunday morning. It was chilly, but the sun had begun to spread across the desert floor, warming everything it touched.  After mounting our horses, we descended into a dry river bed, meandering through “forests” of cacti. Instantly fascinated with the variety of plants, I was genuinely interested as the wrangler shared facts about Saguaro cactus, the river bed we were riding through, and the types of wild animals found in the Tucson area. The sun warming my back and my mount refreshingly sensitive to the leg (we even trotted a bit!), the ride turned out to be relaxing and informative. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

It’s easy to turn down something new because of assumption: it won’t be fun, I already know all about that, etc. etc. My resolution in 2014 is to say Yes to more adventure with horses, especially when it involves learning new things. While January can be a tough time to get excited about riding, there are lots of ways to gain inspiration for the new year. Like attending the Washington State Horse Expo over Valentines weekend. Read all about it on page 6 and embrace 2014 with expectation.


Published January 2014 Issue


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