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The Riding Doctor, by Beth Glosten

The Riding Doctor, by Beth Glosten
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Book Review, Finding Strength and Stability in the Saddle


GlostenAfter leaving horses behind for many years to pursue her medical career, Dr. Beth Glosten decided it was time to ride again only to discover that, as a middle-aged woman, she struggled with tension, awkwardness, and an aching back. Dr. Glosten’s own frustration prompted her to apply her clinical research skills to figure out what it would take to not only create the harmonious picture of horse and rider moving together, but also feel good while doing it.

The result is a book that sets itself apart with clear and understandable explanations of riding anatomy and what our bodies “do” on horseback, as well as its applicability to riders of all ages, abilities, and equestrian disciplines. Dr. Glosten knows how our bones and muscles move and react when we communicate with a horse from the saddle.

Purchase this book at the author’s website, The Riding Doctor is published by Trafalgar Square Books.

NWHS Editor Review:

Position issues in the saddle cause physical and behavioral issues for horses. Problems arise when postures like leaning too far back or to one side create confusion and perhaps even pain in our horses. This book goes beyond the typical riding instructor’s advice to “sit up.” Dr. Glosten gives you exercises to deal with common rider problems and uses case studies with photos. There are also daily warmup exercises and a rider’s workout. The illustrations and easy to follow instructions make getting in shape and staying strong a pleasure.


Published in July 2016 Issue

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