Resistance Free Riding and Training

Measuring Your Horse’s Athletic Ability

by Richard Shrake


October 2014Richard Shrake is an educator, not an entertainer. His knowledge is available to all those who insist upon a life-long, positive relationship with their horses. He teaches his Resistance Free® Riding & Training Methods, which are acknowledged by their success nationwide. Richard’s communication skills allow all who follow his teaching methods to gain the greatest possible insight into their horse and their own riding ability. He breaks down problems into solvable solutions, creating a team between horse and rider. Richard Shrake has been an icon in the horse industry for over 45 years.

Measuring Your Horse’s Athletic Ability is one of many DVD’s offered by Richard through his website, richardshrake.com. It is 60 minutes long and is $26.95 plus shipping.

Editor’s Note: I met Richard Shrake at an expo last year and picked up a couple of his training DVD’s. This one was particularly interesting to me. After watching it, I immediately wished I’d had the information years ago. I found his assessment of two mares fascinating and thought of all the horses forced into jobs they struggle to perform simply because they lack the conformation for it. This DVD is a must-have in a training library, and for those who wish to purchase a prospect for a particular job. Just as my 5’11 frame is ill-suited to gymnastics, so horses are pre-disposed to success based on how they are put together.


Originally Published October 2014 Issue

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