Reinmaker: The Dale Wilkinson Story

by Frank Holmes


Dale Wilkinson, who passed away in 2010, remains one of the most celebrated reining and cutting horse trainers of all time. The only individual to be inducted into four Halls of Fame: AQHA, NRHA, NCHA and the All-American Congress. He is the only trainer to win both the NRHA and NCHA Futurities. In addition, he was instrumental in the formation of the NRHA and has been dubbed, “The Father of Modern Reining.” He was also the guiding hand behind the successful development of the outstanding University of Findlay Equine Studies Program. Reinmaker is the legendary trainer’s complete biography and includes an in-depth look at his childhood and family life. This 114 page book is available for $23.95, soft or hard cover, through horsesheroeshistory.com or email and phone: caryvale@tctelco.net, 785-598-2368.

Editor’s Note: I love biographies and this is a great one for reining fans. Even though I do not participate in the sport, the behind-the-scenes making of a legendary trainer is always interesting. Reinmaker is full of wonderful old photos, too, including not only Wilkinson through the years but the great horses he rode. The book is a perfect gift for anybody who enjoys training, horse-related biographies/history, and those interested in reining and/or cutting.


Published October 2013 Issue

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