Razer Horseshoe Philosophy Provides Barefoot Benefits

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The Philosophy is Simple

  1. The hoof capsule moves in multiple directions (up and down, in and out) to balance uneven ground and absorb concussion.
  2. The hoof has a wedge-shaped toe that allows slide upon impact which reduces horizontal shock force.
  3. The hoof has a narrow wall to easily sink into the ground which transfers weight throughout the entire hoof, sole, and frog, thus relieving the hoof capsule.

The Answer Was Simple

A horseshoe must meet these three requirements. Razerhorse wanted to create a shoe in which everyone could win – horses, trainers and owners. Previously, production techniques and materials were not feasible, however, today’s technology and material combinations have made it possible.

Razer shoes meet all the requirements of quality and function. They allow the hoof capsule to flex, allowing for optimal health and function, allow the hoof to function upon landing, and maintain good grip.

Everyone wins – the horse maintains natural barefoot function while Razer shoes offer the wear protection and traction needed. Owners and trainers get a more comfortable horse because the hoof is allowed to move in a more natural state.

The Barefoot Variable

The Razer concept was designed to mimic barefoot function while providing the benefits of horseshoes.


Razer shoes are manufactured with a unique flexible steel (tempered tool steel) that does not “lock” or restrict the hoof capsule. Instead, it is allowed to move naturally. Thanks to the unique steel, Razer shoes will return to the shaped position while maintaining sufficient support. Razer shoes move with the hoof capsule inward / outward and up / down as needed, this function balances the bony column and reduces concussion and strain on the joints and soft tissues.


Razer shoes, like the hoof, are beveled on the edge that hits the ground. This provides a natural slide in landing which reduces stress and impact shock.


Razer shoes have the same narrow web as the hoof wall, with a smooth outer rim. The outer rim of the shoe sinks into the ground in the same way that the hoof wall does. The ground is compressed under the hoof, and the horse gets an effective grip like barefoot, with added traction benefits from the checking pattern on the shoe.

Weight Distribution

Because Razers are low profile and the outer rim is able to sink into the ground, weight is distributed across the entire foot, including the sole and frog. Traditional shoes put all the weight and stress on the hoof wall, which increases pressure and force on the capsule. Full foot load bearing relieves wall stress and allows proper hoof capsule function, which reduces pressure and concussion.


About Razerhorse

Razerhorse is a hoof care company that promotes better health and performance through science and technology. Razerhorse products are designed to mimic the natural function of the hoof while providing the protection needed for today’s performance horses. Razerhorse currently offers two products: the Razer horseshoe, a tempered tool steel shoe that allows the hoof to flex like a bare foot, and the Propad, a shock-absorbing polyurethane hoof pad that features an accordion-like independent frog support. To learn more about Razer shoes and Propads or to find a dealer near you, visit www.razerhorse.com or call 855-95-RAZER.

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