Quality Time Matters 

Enjoy More Recreation with Your Horse

by Karen Pickering


Photo credit TooTrickPony.com

As I write my column this month I’m just returning from the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo held at the Linn County Fair & Expo Center in Albany, Oregon. I always enjoy this show, as it’s a chance to connect with customers, readers and make new friends! It’s certainly a destination place for spring shopping and getting ready for the outdoor riding season. I’m more than ready for some quality time outdoors—as soon as the ground dries out we’re off!

This month we bring you a cover story about Raye Lochert. He was one of many demonstration/clinics at the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo this past weekend, helping riders resolve issues with their horses so they can enjoy them more. Read about his gentle methods for solving horse-related problems on page 6. I’ve ridden with Raye and always get a great deal from his clinics. Enjoying your horse should be a priority. If you’re struggling with horse problems ask our experts online (Raye is one of them).

Life is too short to not take time to relax and enjoy the scenery. Whether you’re a weekend competitor or a recreational rider having a well-behaved horse should be a number one priority. Once you’ve found the perfect mount and get the kinks worked out go and enjoy him/her. I personally like horse camping. There’s nothing like a relaxing trail ride followed by some quality time with friends just hanging out by the campfire, cooking outdoors and simply escaping from chores and other distractions that suck up time and energy. So…go relax this month!

Finally, keep up with “From My Saddle Blog” online. We’ve had great content from readers and I continue to share my journey with April. I know many of you have had similar challenges; I hope to inspire others to not give up. Go enjoy your horse and the great outdoors!

Today’s Quote: “We climb to heaven most often on the ruins of our cherished plans, finding our failures were successes.”
~Amos Alcott


Published May 2013 Issue

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