Playing with Horses

Ideas for Joyful Learning

by Jutta Weimers

The films Playing with Horses accompany Jutta Wiemers’ book From Leading to Liberty and are meant to inspire fun with horses in a way to achieve perfect partnership. All the proposed games are beneficial to the horse: they will keep his body healthy, while stimulating his mind. The training is performed entirely without pressure, following the laws of shaping and using positive reinforcement.

Part 1: After an introduction into the basics of horse language, including establishing authority, Jutta Wiemers shows how to motivate your horse playfully.  Part 2: Establish your leadership by taking fear out of a flight animal’s life. Mobilize your horse’s body with healthy gymnastics; help him to balance and coordinate his feet so he becomes a safe partner. Change his soul by teaching him circus exercises with purely voluntary methods. Part 3: Make your playing more challenging by interesting lunging games, work on the circle at liberty, send and call games, and pre-exercises for collection. Prepare for advanced riding fun! Order the videos at www.equestrianvision.co.uk. Book available on Amazon for $33.67.  


Editor’s Note: With an extensive background in vaulting and a heart for horses, Jutta Wiemers has created a useful, fun, and inspiring program that can benefit any horse and rider. The perfect solution to spice up boring arena work!


Published January 2014 Issue

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