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Subscribe to the Platinum Performance® Podcast to hear inspiring stories and the latest advancements in equine health, treatments and comebacks. You’ll hear interviews with elite competitors, innovative researchers, and the veterinarians who devote their lives to horses and the humans who love them. Welcome to It Starts Within, a podcast from Platinum Performance® where we’ll dive deep into the health challenges faced by veterinarians and horse owners alike. At Platinum Performance we know the power of nutrition starts within.

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NW Horse Source Editor’s Review:

I recently discovered this new podcast and have listened to two of the three installments. The first was on equine gastric ulcer syndrome and the second was on kissing spines—both common and serious problems that affect many of us in the horse business. I found it hard to hit pause, as the interviews were very well done and the information given from top experts (veterinarians) goes further than what I’ve heard from my own veterinarians or internet searches have provided. I’ll be sure and catch the next one, War Horses for Veterans, too. I recommend you check it out!


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