November 2, 2020 – Equine Influenza in Mason Co., WA and Riverside Co., CA

Source: Department of Animal Services
Number Confirmed: 40
Number Suspected: Unknown
Number Exposed: Unknown
Breed: Burro; Clinical Signs: Coughing
Notes: According to the Department of Animal Services in Riverside County, nearly 40 burros have died from an equine influenza outbreak. The deaths, first seen in mid-October, occurred mostly in the Reche Canyon area, near Moreno Valley and Colton. About six deaths occurred in Moreno Valley, in the foothills along Pigeon Pass Road, Heacock Street/Reche Vista Drive and Redlands Boulevard; For more information go to:
Source: State Veterinarian
Number Confirmed: 1;
Number Suspected: 0
Facility Type: Private Facility;
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