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New Western Horseman Book: Ranch-Horse Versatility

New Western Horseman Book: Ranch-Horse Versatility
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by Mike Major with Fran Devereux Smith



Western Horseman has released Ranch-Horse Versatility: A Winner’s Guide to Successful Rides by Mike Major with Fran Devereux Smith. A Colorado rancher, Major has claimed numerous world and national championships on his stallion Smart Whiskey Doc and continues his winning ways with a “Whiskey” daughter, Black Hope Stik. Smith, former managing editor for Western Horseman magazine, currently serves as book publishing director.

Major has developed the horsemanship expertise to be a successful rancher and competitor primarily because he draws little distinction between his show horses and ranch horses. He simply trains Major Cattle Company horses to be responsive, matter-of-fact riding partners, no matter what the job might be.

Ranch-Horse Versatility explains how successful groundwork leads to pleasant rides and a strong presentation in the versatility conformation class. Major relates a number of ways to develop a responsive, rather than a reactive, riding horse, and basic gaits and transitions are covered along with the ranch-riding class. Other chapters cover advanced maneuvers, from spins to lead changes, and how best to use these maneuvers in ranch trail, ranch cutting and working ranch-horse competition. Additional chapters discuss roping and cattle-handling basics, equipment, headgear, the ideal ranch-versatility prospect, and more.

Ranch-Horse Versatility: 8 ½ by 11 inches, 224-page paperback with full-color photographs, and sells for $23.95. To purchase a book online visit


Published December 2011 Issue

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