Muck’s Chore Farm Leather Stands up to Acidic/Alkaline Elements AND Looks & Feels Great

Achieving the highest levels of protection while also delivering a great-looking boot was the inspiration for Muck‘s Chore Farm Leather collection, which will be a new offering for Spring ’22.  Not only is the Chore Farm Leather able to stand up to Acidic and Alkaline elements found in the barn, but they are also flame resistant and tested for breathability and tear resistance.  As with all Muck boot styles, the Chore Farm Chelsea and Lace Up are 100 percent waterproof and feature a dual-density footbed with Memory Foam for long-lasting comfort.  The Chore Farm outsole guards against oil, gas and diesel fuel while being SRA-rated slip resistant on hard, flat surfaces.



Muck Chore Boots

Publisher’s Note: I have used Muck Boots for many years. They wear better than other off-brand boots. I will be reviewing the new Muck Farm Leather collection this Spring so be sure and watch for updates. Aren’t they great looking boots? ~ Karen Pickering, The Northwest Horse Source.

Look for them at your favorite tack or farm store. Also available on Amazon.

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