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Meghan Valenti is an Arlington, Washington based trainer who desires to help horses by teaching people to listen to their horse and in turn work with them with more compassion and effectiveness. In a world full of trainers focused on sport, Meghan helps owners work with their own horses rather than simply sending them off for training. Meghan teaches by breaking things down into small, understandable steps, allowing owners to participate more actively in their horse’s development.

Name: Meghan Valenti


What is the name of your business?

Valenti Horsemanship


Where are you? (Where do you do business?)

I’m based out of Pacific Moon Equestrian Center in Arlington, Washington. I will travel for clinics within King, Snohomish, and Skagit counties.


Who has influenced you the most in your equestrian journey and why?

I grew up eventing, but I’ve studied many disciplines including dressage, working equitation, mountain trail, reining, and cutting.

Parelli Horsemanship influenced my training program the most significantly. Along with the Parelli program my many years spent working with rescue horses for Skagit Animals in Need, Equine Aid, and People Helping Horses have played a large role in the development of who I am as a trainer today. I had the opportunity to work with a great variety of horses who taught me about treating each horse as an individual.

Working with rescues forced me to think outside the box and learn how to connect with horses on a deeper level. Traditional training methods fell short on the abused, neglected, and shut down horses that I encountered in the rescue world. Those horses needed me to consider the individual psychology of each horse as I moved through their training.

In the years since I discovered Parelli, I have continued to study the work of many trainers, including Buck Brannaman, Mustang Maddy, Warwick Schiller and Tristan Tucker. Though I do not follow their courses to the letter, I have found tools from each that I have integrated into my program.

What disciplines/sports or aspects of the industry are you involved in?

My focus is horsemanship based on developing a strong connection between horse and human.

Dressage is my personal sport of choice, but I also love trail riding and obstacle work. This combination helps give purpose to what I am asking of the horse and allows the horse to enjoy learning, more than simply working in an arena. My business is focused on individual instruction and clinics, as I feel it is important for the owner to understand their horse’s learning style and understand the process of training.


What breeds have you trained?

I’ve worked with a variety of breeds including drafts, ponies, minis, mustangs, warmbloods, stock breeds, Arabians and everything in between. A horse is a horse no matter the breed and all horses deserve a good education.


What aspect of your business is the most rewarding to you?

Helping horses who suffer from anxiety in its many forms. These horses often get labeled as “bad” or “crazy,” when in fact they are simply struggling. Watching these horses go from fearful and stressed to engaged and relaxed makes me feel like I am making a difference in the lives of horses. This makes my heart happy. Additionally, teaching people how to better understand their horse’s psychology goes a long way in improving the joy experienced by both horse and human.

How many years have you been in business?

I have been riding horses for 32 years and professionally training for 17.


What are your business goals?

I plan to shift my focus from training horses to training people. My business goal is to expand my clinic schedule and lesson program in order to further my objective of helping horses.


What is your training philosophy?

Harmony between horse and human can only be achieved through clear communication, consistency, and patience. All horses and humans deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion when it comes to learning. There is no place in my program for negativity. I work to build confidence and see mistakes as an opportunity for learning, not punishment. If the horse is willing to try, you can teach them anything. The door to conversation is open.

Contact Meghan:

Phone: 425-791-4619




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