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Al DunningAl Dunning

Al Dunning of Scottsdale, Arizona, is one of the most respected horsemen in the industry. Al and his students have garnered 45 world and reserve world championships. He has held numerous national leadership positions and earned multiple honors including induction into the AzQHA Hall of Fame. His 40+ years of experience as a professional trainer has led him to produce books, DVDs, clinics, Team AD online mentoring, and ADTV on Better Horses Network. Al’s ability to reach people comes from his love of horses and out of respect to the mentors in his own life. For more information,

Alayne BlickleAlayne Blickle

Alayne Blickle, a life-long equestrian and educator, is the creator/director of Horses for Clean Water, an award-winning, nationally acclaimed environmental education program that “wrote the book” on caring for horses and land. Known for her enthusiastic, fun and down-to-earth approach, she is an educator and photojournalist who has worked with horses and livestock owners for over 20 years. Alayne teaches and travels throughout North America and abroad, and also runs Sweet Pepper Ranch, an eco-sensitive guest ranch and horse motel in Southwestern Idaho where she and her husband raise top-notch reining horses and beautiful grass hay. For more information contact Alayne at or 206-909-0225.

Alice TrindleAlice Trindle

Alice was born on a ranch in eastern Oregon, the only daughter in a family of five brothers. She learned to ride behind the back of the saddle holding on to her brother’s belt loops. In the past 15 years Alice has studied with horsemen such as Tom Dorrance, Ray Hun, Dennis Reis, and Bettina Drummon. Her focus is on building a balanced relationship, applying Classical Dressage and Traditional Vaquero principles, via multi-day horsemanship retreats at her ranch in eastern OR.

Allison TrimbleAllison Trimble

Allison Trimble has a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Cal Poly, SLO. After her graduation in 1999, Allison started Coastal Equine and has been training and competing in cowhorse, reining and cutting events. She has had marked success in the show pen boasting many titles and championships.

Willfully Guided is an educational program based on Allison’s training process. For more information visit:

Allison is also a Realtor specializing in horse properties, hobby and commercial farms, and family housing. She combines her experience in the horse industry with her lifelong involvement in real estate to help clients find their perfect property. Learn more at

Brent RollinsBrent Rollins

Brent Rollins is one of the industry’s leading experts on mustangs. He has been called the “mustang whisperer” by Craig Cameron. Brent is an EXCA cowboy race judge, and Craig Cameron certified Trainer. Brent travels Oregon, Washington and California giving clinics and expos, promoting the mustang and their versatility. He educates adopters and potential adopters on what to expect with their new mustang and deals with misconceptions regarding mustangs and domestic horses. He also helps with problem horses. Brent believes that every horse deserves a chance to be great. For more information about Brent and his program visit

David Bodin & Leigh Goodison GrieveDavid Bodin & Leigh Goodison Grieve

David Bodin, known as the ”Horse Trailer Guru,” is a skilled and popular clinician at horse Expos and equine events across North America. Bodin grew up on a 35,000 acre cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon, where he learned skills from his grandfather that he uses today and believes strongly in ’old school’ quality and traditions. He has a background in electrical and technology and is a former Special Forces Marine.

A perfectionist with more than 40 years working with horses and their hauling needs, Bodin is dedicated to making horse trailering as safe as possible. He provides personal phone and email consultations on trailer purchase, maintenance and repair, and enjoys inventing unique and ingenious ways to modify and customize trailers to meet each horse’s needs and eliminate danger zones.

Leigh Goodison has been working with horses since she was ten. Her articles on horses and hauling have appeared in Western Horseman, The Northwest Horse Source, and many other national publications. She was the Managing Editor of The Willamette Writer from 1994-2016. Goodison produced the DVD Horse Trailers: 101, and is the author of The Horse Trailer Owner’s Manual. She is also the author of the thrillers, Limboland and The Jigsaw Man, and Wild Ones, a young adult/coming of age novel. She and David own three Arabian mares.

David Bodin, and partner Leigh Goodison, help educate the agricultural and equine community about the repair, maintenance, restoration and safe operation of equipment and trailers necessary for use in farm, livestock, and agricultural industries, as well as personal use. They created their books and DVDs series to share their knowledge of horse trailers. For more information, visit: or email

Laura DaleyLaura Daley

Laura Daley is a professional No Limits Horsemanship certified horse trainer and registered Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) riding instructor. Laura’s specialty is helping fearful riders. Using techniques she has developed over her lifetime of teaching, she has helped hundreds of people become fear free. Read more about it in Riding Fear Free: Help for Fearful Riders and Their Teachers available on Amazon UK, BN, and other major online retailers. Or check out the RFF website at, Riding Fear Free Facebook, or Twitter Feed

Laura SchonbergLaura Schonberg

Laura Schonberg works for the Oak Harbor School District. Horses were what grounded her as a child and even as an adult she can’t seem to get enough horse. Now in her 40’s, Laura owns three horses she started herself and pursues several disciplines, including dressage and moving cows.

Mark and Karen PlumleeMark and Karen Plumlee

Mark & Karen Plumlee

Mission Farrier School

Mark Plumlee is a Certified Journeyman Farrier through the American Farriers Association, a Registered Journeyman Farrier through the Guild of Professional Farriers, and a Certified Barefoot Trimmer, Certified Farrier and Certified Lameness Specialist through the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization. These diverse certifications speak to Mark’s commitment to the horse. Mark has published 6 educational DVDs, and has been a pioneer in the advancement of farrier education for over 20 years. Mark, with his wife Karen own and operate Mission Farrier School in Snohomish, Washington, where they have graduated over 400 students from across the United States and 10 foreign countries.

For more information visit and “Like” them on FaceBook.

Mark BolenderMark Bolender

Mark Bolender’s name has become synonymous with the new and exciting international equine discipline Mountain Trail. Mark earned national titles in this sport in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and has been supporting Mountain Trail for the past nine years by teaching clinics, judging shows, and building courses worldwide.
Prior to his involvement in Mountain Trail, Mark developed a solid foundation of experience by breeding Quarter Horses and showing in open, Quarter Horse, and Reining competitions. He writes for a number of magazines and is the author of the popular book, Bolender’s Guide to Mastering Mountain and Extreme Trail Riding. He has produced four DVD’s about training for Mountain Trail and one DVD entitled The Road to Bridle-less. He has been featured twice in the American Quarter Horse magazine America’s Horse for mastering the Trail Challenge. Mark operates a judging school which certifies judges in the USA, Canada and Europe for Mountain Trail and Trail Challenge. He and his wife, Lee, are the founders of the International Mountain Trail Challenge Association (IMTCA) which was formed to promote the sport of Mountain Trail. Mark and Lee own and operate Bolender Horse Park in Washington State, which houses the finest Mountain Trail course in the world. Mark and Lee travel the world to give Mountain Trail clinics in almost every corner of the globe.
Mountain Trail made its television debut on RFDTV in November of 2016, further promoting the sport to audiences everywhere.
Using Bolender Horse Park as the model, Mark and Lee have designed and built Mountain Trail courses for private and public use in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe – with many more in development. These courses are premier sites used by beginners and highly advanced riders alike; they are designed for clinics, shows, and training.
Mark and Lee actively promote the Bolender training philosophy, which centers on using the natural instincts of the horse in the training process. Mark says that activating key instincts in the horse combined with good horsemanship results in real equine magic. They continue to set goals to build more and more courses, promote the IMTCA, and write books and articles for eager enthusiasts. The next goal is to bring Mountain Trail to the Olympics.

Robert EversoleRobert Eversole

Robert Eversole, ”the trail meister,” owns, the largest database of horse riding and camping areas in the U.S. with free trail and trailhead information, trail maps, and much more to help horse enthusiasts experience the joys of trail riding. Robert is a registered riding instructor with PATH International, a mounted search and rescue team member, and a U.S. Marine who has served on the board of the Backcountry Horsemen of Washington (BCHW). He is enjoying his new career helping fellow trail riders stay found and safe on the trail. When not on the trail, The Trail Meister resides near Spokane, WA and teaches land navigation to a wide variety of outdoor groups across the nation. For North America’s largest horse trail and camping directory, trail tips, and more, visit

Wendy CroneyWendy Croney

Wendy Croney has owned and ridden horses her entire life, discovering she has a true talent for effective, gentle horse training as well as teaching horseback riding. She has been training, teaching horsemanship and giving lessons in multiple disciplines for more than 30 years using her own methods developed through experience, as well as learning from Richard Shrake and Clinton Anderson, among others. Wendy is known for an economic approach to horse care and personally provides it to her five horses, including hoof trims. She focuses on creative ways to keep horses as naturally as possible on a tight budget. Wendy owns and runs Galloping Horse Equestrian in Colorado Springs, CO. Find her on Facebook. She can also be contacted via email or phone:; 719-205-6443.

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