Meet Mounted Shooter and Farrier Mark Plumlee

How this Sport Influences the owner of Mission Farrier School


Mark Plumlee. Photo courtesy WWMS

Mark Plumlee, current president of the Western Washington Mounted Shooters, is also the owner of Mission Farrier School, in Snohomish, WA.  Mark is one of a very few farrier school owners/instructors that actually rides and competes in a high performance event on horseback. This gives him a very personal interest in recognizing and treating soundness issues. He was introduced to mounted shooting in 2009, after attending a clinic hosted by multi-world and national champion Kenda Lenseigne, originally of Sultan, WA. Mark is a Senior Men’s level 3, and competes in the pistol, rifle, and shotgun divisions. He just returned from competing at the CMSA World event in Amarillo, TX. Learn more at:

Or call/email secretary Karen Plumlee: 425 985-8321,

2014-15  Upcoming Events:

Dec 12-14: CMSA Applegate Trail Peacemakers, Albany, OR

Jan 20-Feb 1: CMSA Applegate Trail Peacemakers, Albany, OR


Originally Published November 2014


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