May 6, 2020 – Strangles in Pierce County, WA

Attending Veterinarian and Washington State Department of Agriculture
Number Confirmed: 3;
Number Exposed: 20;
Age: 16; Gender: Mare; Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse;
Onset of Clinical Signs: 4/30/2020;
Clinical Signs: Fever, Inappetance, lethargy, Lymphadenopathy, Nasal Discharge, Ocular discharge;
Confirmation Date: 5/5/2020; 
Horse Status: Affected And Alive; Vaccination Status: Vaccinated;
Age 16; Gender: Mare; Breed: Lipizzaner;
Onset of Clinical Signs: 5/5/2020;
Horse Status: Affected and Alive; Vaccination: Vaccinated;
Notes: The barn is self quarantined;
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