Linear Rubber Arena Rubber Protects Both Horse and Rider

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Linear Arena RubberThis 100% recycled, non-toxic rubber provides optimum traction and shock-absorption, lessening the strain on horses and provides long-term health. It protects the legs, can extend training time, and protects both horse and rider in case of a fall.

Genuine crumb rubber, free of metal, is installed with a mix of sand to retain a little moisture in any arena venue. When used indoors, it reduces dust for a healthier environment for horse, rider and audience. Installed indoors or outdoors, in any climate, Arena Rubber will not rot or deteriorate, erode or wash away, and resists insects and/or rodent infestation. Unlike shredded rubber, which tends to bind together, Arena Rubber provides excellent drainage.

Available a choice of colors, Arena Rubber joins the Linear family of equestrian products including stall mats, walls guards, and ring mats for wash areas.

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