Life Events in Moments – A Big Move Ahead but We’re Continuing On

As I sit here preparing our April Equine Events issue, I’m wondering about all the equine activities that will soon be happening. There’s still uncertainty in the air about horse shows and gatherings but I’m sure ready to start getting out there. As of today (I’m writing this on February 25th), the Idaho Horse Expo at the Idaho Ford Horse Park in Nampa is still in the works. But, with the pandemic, you never know. Fingers crossed!

All of this is happening in the middle of a new adventure for us. We’re moving our residence and business to Colorado. The target date is the end of April, but everything depends on our home selling. The Northwest Horse Source will continue to exist as long as you keep reading it and our customers keep supporting it. My roots will always be in the Northwest, but I can work from anywhere. It’s time for a new adventure for this old cowgirl.

Life happens in moments. Memories provide us with history, and dreams become our new adventures. I believe that if you want something badly enough and you can visualize it, you’ll find a way to make it happen. I have long been held back by limiting beliefs but no more. This is my chance to follow a dream, dragging my possessions, horses, and husband along for the ride.

The Northwest Horse Source has been my passion for over 25 years. I’m fortunate to have the most incredible support from my team, friends and family. The list of contributors and people I am indebted to is very long. My goal is to pivot this business to be in line with our new digital reality, stabilize, and pay it forward. Then the fun begins!

My mare April is pretty much retired, so soon after settling in Colorado I will look for a new horse. I want to do some sorting and trail riding within a year of getting settled. With change comes a fresh perspective, which I’m long overdue for. I look forward to new friends and new adventures but will stay in touch with my valued connections in the Northwest.

A tough day: 25 years’ worth of magazine archives heading to be recycled.

I wanted to share a picture of April and me from nearly 10 years ago at the Washington State Horse Expo. While I played with my horse more than working in my booth at this expo, the experience of getting out, taking a few clinics, and just hanging out on my horse made me realize that this is what life is all about for me.

As I was packing up 25 years of print magazines to recycle, I was feeling a little blue about this chapter of my life coming to a close. But I do realize all the blessings that I’ve experienced in my life.

I am beyond grateful for the lifestyle that this business has given me, the friends I’ve made, and the places I’ve been. I’m almost sure I’ll be at the Idaho Horse Expo and hope to see you there! Live life to the fullest, ride with purpose, and enjoy the ride…


Forever grateful,



Quote: Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.

Napoleon Hill – 1883-1970 – Author


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