How to/Should I – Lay Down My 19 Year Old AQH?


I was wondering if you could help me to figure out the best way or if i should just not do it, but the best way to lay down my AQH. She is 19 years-old, but she does her very best to please me whenever she can. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to lay her down. I really want to lay her down because I have gotten my pony to do it through the bow but my AQH, hurt her hip when she was 2 years-old and ever since she has been very shy of her right side. We have been working on her to help her re-gain some strength in that side but, she is still very shy of using it. However I do see her go out and roll outside and lay down when its cold out. So do you think you could help me? It would really mean a lot to me if i could get you input.

Kindest Regards,
Kacey Weaver



Hi Kacey,

Thank you for asking Northwest Horse Source for guidance. I will try to answer your question. With the information you relayed, I would suggest that you refrain from your desire to lay down your 19 year old mare. Even though her injury was several years ago, she may be apprehensive to do so and could greatly resist, which may possibly result in an additional injury. As horses grow older they, as humans do, get stiffer and less limber. It is easier to have muscles and joints sustain problems if you stress them. The only time you should lay down a horse is for a specific reason and only in their younger years. This technique is used to gently, subdue, or as a trick. Personally, it is not one of the necessary stages I use to train a horse.

Ride well and be happy,
Al Dunning

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  1. Brandi Lyons did a seminar at the Clark County Expo last year on laying a horse down. It didn’t take long. I can give you a short take on what she said. She may have a video on it. You circle your horse, easier if you are on, circle just like a horse would circle to lay down. Try to get her head as close to the ground as you can. Just keep circling and eventually she will lay down. Be prepared to step off as she lays down so you don’t get your leg caught under her. If she’s a little sweaty and wants to roll that helps. It would be fun to teach and probably for an older horse just fine. I don’t think its something for every horse though. I’d not want one to lay down when I wanted to go. I hope this helps.


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