Give The Gift of Fresh Air

Give The Gift of Fresh Air
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By Jennifer Roberts  


Fresh Air Sweet PDZ As you make your list and check it twice, did you notice that you may have forgotten a very special four-legged animal?

As we enter the height of the holiday season, your horse most likely doesn’t need a container of treats or yet another winter blanket. This year, give a gift that will truly give all year round… give the gift of fresh air.

By purchasing a bag of Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher, you can effectively and easily remove the ammonia from your horse’s environment. Ammonia gas does damage to the respiratory system before the nostrils are able to detect it. Ammonia is a health risk to your horse, stressing the upper respiratory airways and placing them at risk for pneumonia, heaves and other serious illness.

Using a stall refresher, such as Sweet PDZ, will absorb and neutralize ammonia and other odors while providing fresh and safe air for your horse in its stall. Stall refreshers are far superior to lime products in terms of ammonia and moisture reduction.

In fact, breathing quality air directly correlates to a high quality of life for your horse. It may seem simple, but this holiday season you can give your equine companion the gift of health.

To make it even better, it is easy to apply and easy on the wallet. It helps extend the life of your bedding as well as lessens costly vet visits that are related to respiratory distress. But don’t worry, we won’t tell your horse that this fabulous gift is really benefiting you as well!

Don’t waste your hard earned money with products that don’t work or even make the problem worse. Look for a natural solution that improves the health of your horse; look for Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher.


Sweet PDZ has been keeping stalls healthy for over 33 years and continues to be the leading horse stall freshener on the market. This organic (OMRI Listed), non-toxic mineral captures, neutralizes and eliminates harmful levels of ammonia and odors.  Sweet PDZ is a far superior alternative to lime products for ammonia removal and moisture absorption. For more information, as well as a dealer locator, visit

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