Gentle Horse Training Academy Is In Full Swing

Gentle Horse Training AcademyYou are NEEDED is the call from Missy Wryn’s Gentle Horse Training Academy and the International community is responding. With continual inquiries from horse owners asking if there is anyone in their area that trains using Missy’s gentle Training the Whole Horse® methods and techniques, Missy’s Gentle Horse Training Academy is in full swing with students inquiring from around the world. The Gentle Horse Training Academy offers certification without travel requirements and provides one-on-one support with Missy and her team through Skype, FaceTime, DropBox, WeTransfer and other communication technologies. “Horse owners are seeking authentic relationships with their horses recognizing that a softer approach to training and bitless riding deepen their trust and safety with their horses” Missy says. “The gentle horse training movement has become an international calling and I’m very excited to be a part of the gentling change in the horse industry,” Missy exclaims.


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