Feeling Grateful – Winter’s Dark and Slower Pace Brings Time for Reflection

When I first moved to the Pacific Northwest, I found the rapid descent into darkness in autumn quite depressing. I couldn’t believe how dark it was at 7:00 a.m. and then again at 5:00 p.m. The rain and grey skies didn’t help my mood much either. But over the decades I’ve learned to look forward to winter as a time of renewal and rest from the busy summer. We in the Northwest really use our summers—we try to get everything in! By the time November rolls around I’m ready for early evenings and late mornings and I’ve even learned to find the rain beating against the roof relaxing.

I am grateful for my indoor arena. And electric lights, a woodstove and firewood, and sheltering trees too. I’m grateful for the animals that roam this farm—both wild and domestic, the variety of plants, the views, and for the bounty of water that falls from the sky.

One of the realities of life is that the darkness (and all the hard stuff) makes us so very grateful for the good stuff. The wonderful thing about gratitude is that once you begin to list what you’re thankful for a cascade of gratitude can occur. I recently was asked what I am most grateful for and found that question was impossible to answer—there’s a lot at the top of the list!

I’m always grateful for the Northwest Horse Source’s writers—especially those who faithfully submit month after month, year after year. Robert Eversole (Trail Savvy), Allison Trimble Paparoa (Willfully Guided), and Alayne Blickle (Small Farm Makeover) all come to mind, along with our veterinarian columnists. I learn from and enjoy reading their articles every month. I’m pleased (and thankful) to have Vonie Kalich join us for future rider wellness columns and for writing this month’s touching feature on the healing power of horses.

And of course, I’m grateful for you, faithful reader. Thank you for supporting the Northwest Horse Source!


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