Farm Planning and Management – Are You Prepared?

What a crazy winter it was! In the Pacific Northwest homes and ranches were drenched in rain, causing swollen rivers and flooding. Many people suffered losses and damage from the inclement weather. I guess some things you can prepare for, but even then, it’s not always enough. Still, I’m always amazed at how people in this community don’t hesitate to lend a hand when someone is in need. I was blessed to be a part of it for most of my life.

Every region has its challenges. I may have escaped the flooding by moving to Colorado but after arriving here we were pelted with damaging hail. There are ups and downs no matter where we live. The point is to look for the beauty in the aftermath of the floods and damaging storms.

Since this is our Barn, Equestrian Facilities, and Training issue it’s a great time to discuss your evacuation plans in the event of a natural disaster. We have some great resources lined up for you. We are privileged to have writers such as Alayne Blickle of Horses for Clean Water to help us navigate farm planning and management. And advertiser Teresa Spencer of has amazing products to ID your horse should he escape his pasture or get lost in the confusion of a fire or other disaster. The EquestriSafe website also has good information for planning an escape. Evacuation plans are often non-existent, and we don’t think about them until we need them.

Another great resource is your local conservation district. I’ve benefitted immensely from the relationship built with them. I was able to get a grant for a manure bin and borrow Whatcom Conservation District’s manure spreader to get my fields fertilized. Years ago, I had a farm plan designed and we were able to create a beautiful sacrifice area to keep my horses out of the mud in the winter months.

As you plan upgrades to your place or dream of a new barn, always think of safety and have a plan in place should you have to deal with a fire or other natural disaster. Then you can relax knowing that you do have a plan of action for your horse’s safety and your own.


Quote: When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. – Willie Nelson


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