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“We need your help. Since our last printed issue in January, we’ve had a lot of interest in relaunching the printed magazine. Thanks to so many of you that responded to our social media and web surveys, we’re moving in that direction. The next step is to decide the direction of the magazine (or magazines). Since our move to Colorado this spring we’ve discovered many more resources to share with our community. Change is always going to happen. We’ve just decided to embrace it and try something new! Please take a moment and fill out this survey. Just 3 choices.


Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree

Thanks again for taking the time to complete our survey! We’ll keep you posted when we tally the results!

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6 thoughts on “Exciting News: Print Magazine Survey”

  1. Hi Karen, hope you are doing well in Colorado. I miss the print version of the magazine SO much. I think I have managed to look at two issues online. With the print version it would go on my desk, and I always managed to snatch a moment here and there and read through it. When the notice comes through email I see it, but don’t have time at that moment and weeks go by and out of site, out of mind. It feels weird to look at magazines online. Hard to explain but just doesn’t feel right.

    • Hi Ronnie, nice to hear from you. I certainly concur, however, we need to have more revenue to produce a print publication. Printing and shipping costs continue to go up and we have not raised ad rates since 2008. We are trying to put together a membership drive to see if we can get enough members to support a print magazine again and have it mailed directly to our members! We want to have coupon discounts and drawings for great horse products with our memberships. Keep watching, we are doing our best to figure out a way to make this happen. Doing great in Colorado! Loving the daily sunshine.

  2. I LOVE print. However, the magazines became hard to find in my area. Since I have moved, hopefully they will be available here! I too saved many of the past magazines–I love that glossy cover. Now I print the cover and special articles , to keep. Either way, its a great magazine.

  3. Karen, it is too hard to share a mag on line ,,,,, it is great to share it in print … I find so many friends asking me where the nwhorse mag . went…. I saved copies and shared them all the time from eastern Wash to Montana to BC. to Idaho to Utah…. and now I have none to share … So please bring back a REAL horse mag. not something on line that the print is so hard to read no one wants to take the time to try to find the magnifying glass to read it … thanks …

    • Hi Peggy,
      Nice to hear from you! I understand. The cost of doing print has become a challenge and we’ll do our best to bring it back. We just need members to join our site to help support it. In the meantime you can change the view of the digital issue to a “reader view”. In the upper left hand corner of the screen there are 3 lines. Click on that and select the preview you’d like to see. Much like reading a kindle. Thanks again!

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