Creed Part Two – Mustangs Aid Spiritual Growth of Stonewater Students

Article by Tracey Hamilton

Creed has the perfect temperament for our program here at Stonewater. He plays hard with his buddies in the pasture but once he gets in the arena, he’s relaxed and willing to do what’s asked of him. His dependable character is going to make him an amazing student horse and a great trail horse.

Creed’s training was inconsistent last year because we were short-staffed and when summer arrived, our horse camps were our focus. We kept up with the Parelli games, got him used to being tacked up, worked on his feet, and several campers had the opportunity to groom him. We demonstrated liberty work in the round pen using him and had long hand walks around the property.

With literally everything that was presented to him—tarps, exercise balls, pool noodles—he worked through any apprehension fairly quickly. In September an advanced student who trains her own horses took him home and put his first rides on. She is super talented and 8 weeks later Creed was back at Stonewater ready for us to fine tune and put the miles on. He is an absolute delight to ride! His willingness to learn and please is refreshing.

Mustangs are a great partner for our ministry. Our passion is to see students’ lives impacted by horses and transformed spiritually by God with help from these animals who trust us.


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