Consider the Safety Risks of Riding or Driving During This Epidemic

A letter from a concerned reader.

I was thinking about our sport, the virus and risk.

Each and every one of us should dial back risk as much as possible right now.

If you end up needing treatment your exposure to the virus and the chance of bringing it back to infect your family goes up very steeply.

Currently there is a shortage of medical supplies. We do not need to add to that.

Also, should you need treatment you might end up waiting a long time before treatment. If you need surgery to correct your condition you will be added to a backlog.

Given this it is a good time to wear your helmet, wear appropriate footwear and be more self-aware of the inherent risks of riding and horse handling.

I’ve brought this up to many of my horse friends and most have been so worried about their family and their jobs they haven’t got around to thinking about this part

Stay well.

Lynn Howland


Thanks for sharing this Lynn. I certainly hadn’t thought about it.
Karen Pickering – Publisher

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