Cirque Ma’Ceo performs in the Grand Arena of the Majestic Valley Arena

Myakka City, Florida – Cavallo Equestrian Arts, LLC, in union with The Majestic Valley Arena, is proud to announce our performances in Kalispell Montana for the world class show Cirque Ma’Ceo!


The Magic of  ….

Cirque Ma’Ceo Cavallo Equestrian ArtsCirque Ma’Ceo is described by the Ocala star banner as an “Equine Cirque du Soleil.” With an international cast of artists, the renowned show has recently performed in Las Vegas, Alaska, Honolulu, Hawaii, and all over Canada. This theatrical, European style, equestrian themed, Cirque show show tells a beautiful seamless story with a contemporary blend of Acrobatics, Aerial, Dance, and Equestrian Arts woven together to the acoustic beats of rich Spanish guitar. As a break from today’s age of frill and technology, generations of skill and grace take you back to the roots of gypsy circus heritage. Our unrivaled cast of artists and horses from around the world display death defying stunts and breathtaking images that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From daredevil Cossack riding to the beautiful Aerial chandelier, we invite you to take a step back in time and experience the enchanting world of Cirque Ma’Ceo!“It is our dream to show the world the relationship we share with our horses, and the shear excitement that they bring to all the lives they touch,” Olissio Zoppe, Cirque Ma’Ceo Show Director and Cavallo Equestrian Arts Owner.

Let the sound of thundering hooves transcend you back to the roots of festive gypsy life, in this contemporary high energy acrobatic stunt show…


Cirque Ma’Ceo Cavallo Equestrian Arts


Under the Big Top, a European feel in the air and intimate red misty lighting sets the tone, as the performance begins seamlessly through the gypsy music, aerial dancing, and heart-pounding acrobatic feats on galloping horseback. In the same moment illustrating the effortless extraordinary bond between horse and man. The entertainment to be seen is unlike any other circus traveling the world! A completely original experience appealing to all age groups, with exotic breeds of horses and breathtaking images…


Cirque Ma’Ceo Cavallo Equestrian Arts


Cirque Ma’Ceo – “where hoof-beats and heartbeats become one…”

The amazing artists from Cirque Ma’Ceo have also performed in well renowned shows such as Cavalia, Cirque Du Soliel, Arabian Nights, and Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey.

Over ten different breeds of horses perform the most classic of riding styles from fast-paced Roman riding, Classical Dressage to Ballet dance atop galloping horseback in a high-energy, fully choreographed, original experience sure to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Cirque Ma’Ceo Cavallo Equestrian ArtsCirque Ma’Ceo will be presenting 5 chances to see a one hour and thirty minute unique and memorable performances in The Grand Arena at the Majestic Valley Arena.

Cirque Ma’Ceo Show Times:
• Friday, August 9th @ 7:00 pm
• Saturday, August 10th @ 4:00pm and 7:00pm
• Sunday, August 11th @ 1:00pm and 5:00 pm

Cirque Ma’Ceo Show Location:
In the Grand Arena & The Majestic Valley Arena
3630 US HIGHWAY 93 N., Kalispell, MT 59901

Tickets are available online at or available for purchase on location at the box office.




Upcoming Cirque Ma’Ceo Shows:
• Kalispell Montana- Aug 9,10,11
• Schagticoke New York Fair- Aug 29- Sept 2
• Washington State Fair- Sept 11-22
• Georgia National Fair- Oct 3-13
• Ocala, Florida- Dec 27-29


About Cavallo Equestrian Arts, LLC
The product of eight and nine generations of entertainment professionals and show producers, Cavallo Equestrian Arts stands on the shoulders of its predecessors presenting to the world the most breathtaking, heartpounding, edge of your seat equestrian extravaganza of all time. Olissio Zoppe, and his family, have equestrian acrobatics in their blood on both sides of the family, Zamperla and Zoppe, 8th and 9th generation equestrian acrobats. Family history can be found at




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