We Love Our Blazers!

Remembering Breed Founder Neil Hinck     As we head into the month of February we think of those we love: our husbands, wives, children, and extended family. As Blazer owners, we also have a special love for our horses. We are proud of our breed because of their athleticism, versatility …

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Day of Discovery

Facing the Reality of PSSM by Karen Pickering   It was a beautiful day for a ride. April had been off for a few weeks due to the removal of a small granuloma (tumor) on her back under the saddle area. I’d had a bunch of work done when the …

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TheraPlate Therapy Comes to Western Washington

Two Northwest-based sisters, who share a passion for horses and dressage, have become the newest members of the TheraPlate Revolution distributor team. This allows equine professionals and riders better access to the innovative TheraPlate technology and product line throughout the Northwest states. The TheraPlate increases your horse’s performance while decreasing …

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New Shows for 2013!

Show Series to Debut in April in Wenatchee   WRHA will host three shows for the 2013 show season, each with a different feature class/event in addition to full slates of NRHA classes as well as club classes not requiring NRHA membership. The first WRHA show of the year is …

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