Bring Back the Print?

Multiple Inquiries Bring Back Possibilities In December we made a quick decision to drop the print publication. In retrospect I realized that we didn’t give our readers much time to decide whether they wanted to have the magazine delivered to their doorstep each month. We needed 2200 subscribers at $5/month …

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What Was I Thinking?

Moving 1500 Miles Is Not for the Faint of Heart Would I do it again? Ask me in a month. Right now, I’m in the thick of closing on a house…finally! After several lost offers we finally found a place. It’s not final as of today but we’re hoping to …

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Digital Edition: Can’t see the text?

What’s the point of having a digital magazine if the text is too small? I’ve gotten a few questions so I decided to demonstrate how to view articles from the digital edition. You can easily print the articles out as well. There really is quite a few cool features and …

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Old Bits: Blanketing Tips

Welcome to the 1st article from our archives! This was from our very first magazine, December 1995 Old Bits: Blanketing Tips By Barb Reilly, Whatcom Farmer’s Co-op When measuring your horse for a blanket, measure from the center of the chest, around the side, to the center of the tail. …

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What I’m Grateful For in 2020

Thanksgiving is a reminder to appreciate the blessings in our lives It’s more important than ever to appreciate the good things in our lives this season. I’m reminded of how grateful I am to those people and horses in my life that keep me grounded and sane in an insane …

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Black Beauty Reimagined

AHP Interview with Ashley Avis, Director of Black Beauty Images courtesy of Disney Who doesn’t love a good horse movie? This movie captured my heart from the beginning. I was pleased to see it has appeal for a mature audience as well as children. The movie’s director, Ashley Avis, wanted …

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Find Gifts in Memories – Recovery Offers Time to Reminisce

Karen and April at Bolender Horse Park, Fall 2014 - Photo by Hal Cook

It’s funny. When you’re young, you think you’ll never get old. I remember feeling that I’d never get my driver’s license, graduate high school, or marry. When I was a little girl all I could think about was horses. I tormented my parents almost daily about getting a horse. They …

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