Have a Question? Ask The Experts!

Send us your question and we’ll select the best expert for you. NW Horse SourceThe Northwest Horse Source is an independently owned and operated print and online magazine for horse owners and enthusiasts of all breeds and disciplines in the Pacific Northwest. Our contemporary editorial columns are predominantly written by experts …

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Return to Fitness After an Injury

Options for a Speedy Recovery After an Injury by Emily Beasley   “I know how you ‘horse people’ are – you’ll ride with a broken face!” my doctor jokingly said during my most recent visit. I was in her office anxiously awaiting medical clearance so I could return to “full …

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The Secrets to Pain Free Riding

“If you are like me and you dread the day after a ride because you wake up stiff and sore, I have discovered two secrets weapons that will help!” said Bonnie Marlewski-Probert, Whitehall Publishing. Jennifer Kotylo has created three DVDs in a series called “Improve your Riding Through Movement.” The …

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When Not Riding is Not an Option


The Equestrian’s Guide to Hip Replacement Surgery by Aarene Storms   The list of reasons that I ride is familiar to readers of this magazine.  I know I’m not the only one who writes the year’s social calendar based on the regional ride schedule. Riders of all ages face physical …

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