Rider Wellness: You Can Get Physically Fit this Year!

When it’s cold outside or the footing isn’t good, you can still get your steps in walking with your horse. You’ll both benefit!

Make a Habit of Moving Your Body It’s a new year and the holidays are over. Like many others, you’ve decided it’s time to get in shape or return to your pre-holiday routine. Despite good intentions, many people find it hard to stick to their new plan or get back …

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Coaching, Is it for You?

Still in the Saddle A Lifestyle Program for Horsewomen A System Designed to Help You Transform Your Life Around Your Love of Horses Explore a change in your life, and join me in the process of self-discovery. A coaching program designed for the horsewoman who wants to be her best …

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Get Grit, Part 4

  Do You Have Grit? Answer These Questions and Find Out By Laura Schonberg   The gritty mindset combines the power of passion with perseverance. We know we can be distracted by talent, but if we remember that our effort counts twice, we (and our horses) can accomplish great things. I’ve …

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Time to Get in Shape

January 2018

Two Exercises to Build Strength and Balance by Theresa Rice   We’re now entering the cold, grey stretch of winter. No more holidays, just dreary weather and vitamin D deficiency. These are the months I find the hardest. I’ve gained weight from overindulging during the holiday parties and have no …

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Soft Eyes

November 2017

Centered Riding Basic Valuable in Emergency by Alys Culhane   Centered Riding founder Sally Swift calls “soft eyes” one of four basics, along with breathing, alignment, and centering. To create soft eyes, the muscles around and behind the eyes are relaxed. Additionally, the cheeks, chin, jaw and tongue muscles are …

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Centered Riding Basics

September 2017

Centering by Alys Culhane   In June I organized and participated in Centered Riding clinics that spanned two weekends. Centered Riding Level Four clinicians Peggy Brown and Susan Harris and five out-of-state riders were in attendance. My Icelandic mare Raudhetta prefers arenas with obstacles so I opted to attend Brown’s …

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Centered Riding’s Building Blocks

July 2017

Finding Alignment by Albs Culhane   April was a significant month for me in terms of my Centered Riding training, both as an instructor and as a rider. I traveled to the East Coast and did a four-day Centered Riding clinic in Brattleboro, New York followed by a three-week Centered …

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Breathe Anxiety Away

Controlled Breathing First Step in Centered Riding by Alys Culhane   I’m a returning rider who acquired more than my share of fear-based baggage during my thirty-year riding hiatus. This metaphorical suitcase sprung open and spewed its contents ten years ago when I started riding my 4-year-old mare, Raudi. In …

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