Bring Back the Fun!


How To Keep Riding Challenging and Still Have Fun   by Mark Bolender “Am I doing this right?” is a phrase I hear often from students. It’s very natural (and important) to learn proper riding technique, but many people get bogged down by details and they forget the reason they …

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The Northwest Horse Fair and Expo Does it Again!

During the third weekend of March the Linn County Fair and Expo Center in Albany, Ore was the place to be for all Northwest horse enthusiasts. The expo celebrated a 12th consecutive year of all things equine. By Alana Linderoth     A wide-array of disciplines ranging from traditional Western …

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Tack for Cowhorse Competition

Northwest cowhorse competitor shares favorite pieces of tack for competition Photos and article by Karen Pickering   Tack won’t make a trainer anymore than clothing defines a man, but quality gear does make a difference. At the NWRCHA Show, April 14-17 in Lynden, WA, I had the opportunity to see …

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The Secret Lives of Horse Trailers Part 1

“There are no bad horse trailers, there is only bad maintenance.” By Leigh Goodison Grieve   Anyone can take a new horse trailer of any make, price, and quality of construction and turn it into a pile of junk rusting in the pasture. Or, they can keep it washed and …

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Learn to Listen 

Communication Is A Key To Unlock Success   by Mark Bolender Learning to listen is anything but easy. It is a science and a gift from God. With effort, we can all learn to be good listeners. If one learns to listen to his horse, the response given by the …

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Mastering Extreme Trail

Unity and Leadership Are The Keys   by Mark Bolender Watching a great trail horse pick its way through difficult obstacles is wondrous and beautiful. It looks so natural and graceful that it seems anyone can do it. This, anyway, is the image a great rider and horse try to …

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Grow Your Equine Business with The Northwest Horse Source

  Online ordering for your convenience Magazine Subscriptions Available Our Business Directory (to grow YOUR business) NW Horse SourceThe Northwest Horse Source is an independently owned and operated print and online magazine for horse owners and enthusiasts of all breeds and disciplines in the Pacific Northwest. Our contemporary editorial columns are …

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Ligament Damage and the Performance Horse – Part 1

Part 1: Treating a Suspensory Branch Lesion with Platelet Rich Plasma by Jennifer Finley, DVM, Ph.D.   Ligaments are a dense fibrous connective tissue with a complex structural hierarchy, which permits plastic deformation under high tensile loads such as racing at speed or Grand Prix-level jumping. When exercise levels exceed …

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